Sunday, February 20, 2011

my wish list....

my future sneakers

super licious sneaker

my dream car

will be mine soon

Friday, February 18, 2011

hang out ..:))

credit to kakizni 4 the pic

time 4 outing so kite enjoy!!!!!! ..hahahah ... em super duper best that day coz mkn sume ditaja ... hahah mklumlah kne sponsor mmg ske jer .. credit to liyana azimah A.K.A. ling2.. bb blanje mkn ... sdp n puas sngt dpt mkn nsi briani kambing .. hahah len kli leh soh ling blanje ag... (dngn mke yg x tahu malu )hahahaha ..em .. credit gak 4 the owner .. (laksa shake )em mmg pramah sgt orgnyer... hehe ... layanan 1 class gitu .. haha .. thats it, so enjoy the pic .. :)))

em bes nyer .. nyum2...

nsi briani ayam ..(huda own's)
nsi ayam pe ntah lpe .. haha sory la dato sri ...
credit to the owner's nephew .. nice pic
my own's nsi briani kmbing ... super duper dlicious ...

Friday, February 11, 2011

hypocrete vs profesional

hypocrete ???? everyone doesnt like people who end up with this attitude .. annoy and plastic .. i think that the best word to describe people like this .. but sometimes we need to be hypocrete even we dont like it .. in this contacts i classified it as a profesional.4 me , we need to do it 4 certain situation like if we dont like one of our friend attitude we dont have to show it to he or she to protect the reletionship from it become ruin .. so we had to be hypocrete .. even it is hard to do .. its are from my opinion only, mybe other people cant accept that .. its depent on the individual .. the way they enhance the problem.. but 4 me in this situation i dont call it as a hypocrete but as a profesional we are to handle the prob ...

sharing is caring

if we share smeting with someone it will make we granted with something. that what allah had said to his umat... but this one girl think mybe not.. i dont no .. mybe just my assumption.. coz she is very kedekut ilmu i think (in certain thing ) .. why not she share smeting that she know when someone had ask she ?? mybe she think that if she share it with someone she scared that he or she will get more smatter than her.. mybe .. eee.. come on  la .. if u dont  want to share just say it .. la .. please la ..sharing is caring k..

gathering together

venue:Desa Water Park
date:6 .1.11(saturday)

what a lovely saturday .. em gathering together with my frend .. (buddies).the happies day ever .. em finally we had gathered together even not all my frend had attend that day .. em mybe one day we can meet all together .. credit to ekin(driver),anep(the guide guy n scond driver),rashwan(place to stay )..haha .. najib ,safie,baby,n mirul...